What is Billy?

About Billy

Billy is a service that provides shared electric bikes with no docking stations. This means you can drop off the e-bikes and pick them up anywhere in Brussel through your smartphone.

How does it work?

Watch the 1 minute how-to video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/v-MjeaBIc6E


1. Select the nearest bicycle on the app.
2. Tap “Reserve” in the app.
3.You now have 15 minutes to get to your bike. After this time, your reservation is cancelled and others can reserve the bike again. Locate your bike by walking towards the bike icon on the map.
4. Tap the speaker button to make the bike “ring”


1. In the app, tap the “Start Rental” button. The lock will open. 2. Wrap the chain around the seat post.
3. You’re good to take off! Enjoy


At any time you can park the bike while keeping it reserved.
1. Put the bike on its stand
2. Wrap the chain around a pole/rack/…
3. Tap the “Pause” button in the app.
4. Push down the orange slider
You can now go do your thing! Your bike is waiting for you. Just keep in mind, you are still being charged for the duration of this pause.

End ride

Bikes can only be returned inside “the area”, which is a geo-fenced area – check the app to see where it’s located. If you are within the area, securely lock the bicycle on a public location where bicycles are authorised to park.

  1. Put the bike on its stand
  2. Wrap the chain around a pole/rack/…
  3. Tap the “End Rental” button in the app.
  4. Push down the orange slider
  5. “Report damage” if you had any trouble during your rental

At the end of each month you will receive an invoice of all your rides by email.


Billy rides cost €0,20 per minute.
Keep in mind the counter only stops when you “End Rental” in the app, within the Billy area on the map.
You can also buy packs of 200 minutes for €30, bringing down the price per minute to €0,15. Check the menu of the app to get your pack!

Joining Billy

How do I sign up?

You can sign up though the app available in the Appstore and Play Store. Fill in the form, enter your payment info and you’re now good to go!

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes you no more than 2 minutes.

How much does it cost?

At sign up we test your payment card by invoicing €5. These are automatically added to your account as riding credits. You can always request a refund, by email at team&billy.bike. To ride Billy it will cost you 0,20€ per minute. You can also buy packs of 200 minutes for €30, bringing down the price per minute to €0,15.Check the menu of the app to get your pack!

Can I start riding immediately after I sign up?

Yes, right away!

Can I use Billy without a credit card?

For now, we only take credit cards.

Why do I have to give my last name?

We need to check your last name to see if it matches with your credit card information.

Can I delete my account?

Yes you can, by making a request to our team by email at team@billy.bike at any time.

Booking a Billy

How do I book a Billy bike?

In the app you can select a bike near you. Click on “Reserve” and start walking toward the bike. You can unlock the bike with the app when you are near it.

What if I can’t find my bike?

If it’s not on the exact spot the app shows you, it shouldn’t be too far away, normally within 30 meters. Tap the speaker button to make the bike ring. If you can’t find it, give us a call at +32-2-588-03-30 , we’ll help you locate it right away!

Can anyone book a bike?

As long as you are over 16 and own a credit card in your name, you can!

How long can I rent a bike for?

There is no time limit.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes. When you reserve your bike you have 15 minutes to get to it, if you change your mind you can cancel for free.

What happens if I don’t get to the bike within the 15 minutes?

Nothing. Your reservation will end and the bike will be available again. You will not be charged of course.

Can I book a bike for my friend?

Unfortunately not, but your friend can sign up too. Use the referral page inside the app to get 20 free minutes and give your friends 20 free minutes.

Riding Billy

Where can I ride Billy?

Everywhere, as long as you bring it back in the Billy area.

What is the Billy area?

On the map in the Billy app you can see a defined area. This is what we call the Billy area, only in this area you can pick up and drop off bikes.

Can I ride a bike outside the Billy area?

Yes, as long if you bring it back inside the area when you’re done. You can always lock a bike outside the area but you cannot end your trip there, meaning you’ll continue paying for that time.

Can I ride Billy at night?

Yes, Billy is available 247. Be careful though!

Do I need a helmet?

It’s not required, but it’s always safer to ride with a helmet

Can I bring it on a bus/tram/metro/train?

Well, you can, but you’ll break your back trying to carry it.

How do I park the bike?

Attach the chain around a pole or bike rack. Press “Pause” or “End Rental” in the app, you’ll hear a little sound in the lock, push the orange slider to close the ringlock. You’re all done!

How can I make sure the bike is locked correctly?

If the chain is correctly locked in the ringlock and the orange slider doesn’t move, it means it is securely closed. Also, be sure to wrap the chain around a solid object, be careful with thin fences for example, they are easy to cut through.

Can I temporarily park my bike?

Yes, you can do this anywhere, inside or outside the Billy area. Remember that you will still be charged until you “End Rental”.


What if I’m in an accident?

After calling the Police and/or Emergency services, immediately call team Billy. We’ll inform you with the following steps to take. Be sure to stay at the site of the accident.

What if the bike breaks down/a tire pops?

End your trip and secure it to a pole, make sure to report any minor or significant damages to Team Billy within the app with the “Damage Report” or call us at +32-2-588-03-30 or send an email to team@billy.bike.

What if the bike gets stolen during my reservation?

Immediately contact us. We will inform you that you need to file a complaint with the police and will guide you through following steps. (See section 3.4 of the Terms and Conditions)

What if the bike is already damaged when I book it?

When you end your rental, the app will automatically ask you about the state of the bike. If the damage is minor you can use the bike if you wish to. If the damage is rather significant, try to find another bike.

What if the bike runs out of battery?

This should not happen as we always pick up the batteries to charge when they reach 15%, which should allow you to still ride 5 km. If you still run out of battery, just lock the bike and end your ride. If you’re outside of the Billy area, give us a call on +32-2-588-03-30 or send us an email to team@billy.bike.

What if my phone runs out of battery during my ride?

Make it look like the bike is correctly secured and call us as soon as you can on +32-2-588-03-30

What if the lock doesn’t close/open?

A: Restarting the app helps most of the time, if not, wait for a minute or two and try again. If it still doesn’t work, call team Billy to the rescue on +32-2-588-03-30

Any other question we didn’t answer here: drop us a lien at team@billy.bike or call us on +32-2-588-03-30